Thursday, 29 November 2012

'THE TRIALS' And King's Men

Sent sixty-two copies of my independently released debut album 'The Trials' (with two posters per envelope) around the world and these lovely people posted a photo to the 'Antoinette + The King's Men' facebook page to let me know they had received it.

And thus my heart had an explosion.


You absolute and complete babe! I cannot believe how close we have become since you had sent this photo in! Forever shall we keep on with the 'MIAOW'. Pursue music; keep scribing lyrics and composing. You have a talent and this flame ought to become a bonfire. With your great sense of perspective, emotional acknowledgement and courage to convey the fine details, you can make others open their eyes. This is a gift. 

Remember when we first began talking back in 2010? And then when we first met last summer? How long ago does it all feel - like a dream-state. Now you're falling into your identity with such poise and courage. I salute you, sweetheart! And your hair is the bomb-diggity!

Leia is of 'Leia And The Broken Dolls' - boldly linked to her official tumblr. 
And do view her official fashion tumblr as well!

You are one of the most unique of individuals I have ever been blessed to get to know. It hurts me that somewhere out there, people cannot acknowledge the utter brilliance in you. You have a heart of a soldier and a mind of gold. You are loved and deserving of love and I want you to know that one day, it is going to be us and the King's Men having tea in a gorgeous cafe in London! Where you are is somewhere you will not forever be - remember that. I know the reality of it is a living hell now but myself and others will see you through. Never hesitate to converse or call.

Sophie is the heart of social defiance and the core of wonder. She is crazy beautiful and I adore her for everything she stands for. Truly, she is a Duchess and royalty in her own right. I love you, dear!

First off, she is phenomenal. Absolutely fucking phenomenal. It appears someone has not treated her the way she ought to be treated - like a fucking Queen. I adore this girl and though we do not converse a lot, I do know she has a heart that hearts crave for and that she is the pinnacle of what most of us wish to rise to. I love you, darling!

SPARK! This boy is the most adorable, wonderful, brilliant of individuals and I honestly wish I could eloquently state my vast love for him but I have to say, I just want to have tea with you and discuss pop music to the universe or nothing. You are a fucking rarity and your smile is contagious as all hell. I am so blessed to know you, love!

Also, Sparky pens music reviews like a pro - THE SONIC REVERIE

He even reviewed some of the first few tracks I had released, which you can see HERE
And an interview with A+TKM HERE


Style, grace, poise and a heart of gold. This girl was one of the first few to become a Duchess (King's Man) and the support has not shifted since. For all your love, support, courage and brilliance - thank you!

Theresa, I have to openly state this - I do not know what I would do without you. You're innovative, beautiful, completely brilliant and such a rarity. When I first started A+TKM up, I was in a very terrifying place in my life and you were one of the more prominent individuals who gave me such courage. For everything you have done and for all the love, I do not even know how to thank you but until I can give you a hug, a thank you will have to suffice. 

Theresa also started up the 'FuckYeahAntoinetteAndTheKingsMen' tumblr, do see it!

This girl is my rock. She is the little sister I never had. She is family to me and I swear, anyone who hurts her will genuinely have to answer to me. She may not always have self-belief and she may not always consider herself highly but I am always here to reiterate that she is fucking perfect. Perfection does not derive from the lack of imperfections, as an 'imperfection' is any aspect of one's self that doesn't fit into social convention. Cathy, you are beautiful, intelligent, kind and courageous. You have a brutally honest tongue like mine and for that, sometimes we're viewed as being the raging monster but in truth, everyone with a silver tongue will lie themselves into a grave. 

I love you, babe. Never be afraid of the individual you are. 

"I'm not ready to live a loveless life on the wrong side of paradise"

Love is a rarity and with that notion, we must grasp it when we find it. You are beautiful, kind and you have what many people lack - perspective. You question, enquire, pull apart and strip away the details. You are a philosopher by heart and I know reality is difficult right now, I know it's not being easy on you and that you are greatly undeserving of what you are going through. One day, we will all be in a cafe, drinking tea or sipping at soda's and we will remember the trials that got us there. 

For every battle won, there are scars to remind us that we are still here.

When everything went to hell, you offered me a place to stay. When all went down-hill, you comforted me. Life has not been easy on you and you have to remember that courage is not the absence of fear. Seeking aid is not a sign of weakness but rather the courage to know that you can make a change. Moulding, growing and progressing is always the most terrifying aspect of growing-up. Perhaps why Peter Pan was so adamantly against it. I am proud of you, Emily. You are absolutely fucking golden and one day, I will see you! Until then, keep shining like the royal you are!


Nico is one the oldest of King's Men. He's been around right from the start and has been passionate about the project ever since. He has an amazing mind, full of ideas and notions that should be penned down for the world to see. I will support you thoroughly with that! Thank you for everything, love and remember - sometimes we need to be swallowed up by the darkness to appreciate the stars. For anything going on in your life, for any crimed being committed against you, remember - these are your battles and you have your soldiers. We won't let you fight alone.

This girl is my ginger and I fucking love her. We have been friends since we were tiny-ass crazy mother-fuckers and I have memories of sliding down bannisters with foam swords to slay dragons. If I could attribute any form of brilliance in my personality now, it is down to Tee. Now, she's in Norway but she does visit every now and then. Her spontaneity, sheer generosity, compassion and infinite love makes her a gem in a world full of manure. 

Look at her, she has drawn a moustache on herself!

Also, we record pod-casts together entitled 'Trapped In A Voice Box', if you ever want to listen...

Artemis, let me tell you, you're beautiful. Repeat that in the mirror. You're beautiful, wonderful, compassionate and even though your home life is not as it should be, even though there are people in your life who do not treat you with the respect and dignity you fucking deserve, I will tell you right now that I love you and that there is absolutely nothing wrong with you. At all. Like all my lovely Duchesses, you're a gem. You're a rarity and it sickens me that people in your life do not reiterate this to you every moment they get. You are loved and deserving of love. Always.


My first Hong Kong Duchess (King's Man) with insane taste in music, art and style. Underneath that is a girl who is absolutely brilliant and one day, we need to meet for coffee! Also, loving the red lipstick. Very Moulin Rouge!

I love you all, always and forever!