Monday, 25 April 2011

On My Way Home

Step into this: It's four in the morning. It has been another night out, an experimentation and experience of Hong Kong's dark side. Lan Kwai Fong had been packed with the glittering of intoxication as the masses danced against eachother, falling into the street.

However, the night has drawn it's closing curtains on you, so you turn away from the scene. It's a double-life. Another self. Someone more confident, concise. Everything you had done that night is left behind because you live far beyond, where nothing around you can remind you of every piece of brilliance and at times - shame.

All it takes is for the taxi to cross the harbour and travel onwards. There is truly no greater feeling than the one I get when I'm staring out of window on my way home. It's another night, time to return to life. You have had your break and as you stare out the window of the taxi, watching as the night sky becomes steadily more visible to the point that the stars are on full display, you know you have left it behind. In some ways, this has you feeling more free than the night has made you. And you know, for that split moment, you are truly okay.